Location: Italy
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Scholarship Description:
After the enormous success of the first edition, with 24 students from 15 countries, SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design and IULM International University of Languages and Media announce for the second year, the very first master’s course in Food Design (www.masterfoodesign.com) that starts on February 29. The course is in Milan, that with Expo 2015 became the capital of food as well as the design and fashion.

The master’s course is fortunate to collaborate with one of the sector’s most important multinational companies, the PepsiCo Group, which has believed in this initiative from the very beginning, providing a scholarship covering the complete (100%) cost of the course and another covering 50%. To participate, please send your CV and portfolio to info@masterfoodesign.com by 22nd January 2016.

The master’s course addresses the need to train new professionals and reskill existing ones to work in companies and organizations involved in the food supply chain and related industries. The current competitive environment, new consumer needs and evolving technologies require the development of occupations that are increasingly able to provide innovative contributions, including in the food sector.

The pioneer of food design, Spanish artist Marti Guixé, had an important role in the graphic development of the course and as a professor he will host several workshops. Stefano Giovannoni, Francesca Sarti di Arabeschi di Latte, Marije Vogelzang and Martin Hablesreiter are some of the important food designers that also are part of the didactic program.

In a world in which food is ever more removed from its nutritional function in favor of aesthetic, symbolic and communicative values, we often talk about food design and are witnessing a proliferation of exhibitions, competitions and conferences on the topic. As yet, however, no systematic research or training courses have been created to develop effectively the food-design binomial and to bring about positive effects for the food industry.

In this context, the Master’s in Food Design aims to educate a new generation of professionals, designers and managers who will be able to combine marketing and communication skills with design sensibility and methodology. Students will learn the skills, and methodological and operational tools to coordinate the design:

- of processes and modes of production, distribution and consumption of food products; – of venues for the distribution and consumption of food; – of food from an aesthetic, communicative and representative point of view; – of equipment and utensils for the preparation and enjoyment of food; – of communication activities for promoting food products.

The program will be characterized by a multidisciplinary approach and will be professionally oriented, offering a balanced combination of lectures, design workshops, testimonials and excursions, alongside an introduction to the food and agricultural system, food technologies, and food and wine culture.

Specifically, the course includes 11 teaching modules: – The Food and Agriculture System – Food Science – Food and Wine Culture – Food Marketing & Communication – Food Experience – Food Design – Food Design: designing food and objects – Food Design: food venues – Food Design: packaging – Food Service Design – Food Design and Tourism

The master’s course, which is open to Italian and International university graduates, is in English and will be taught by designers, university professors, journalists, chefs, managers and leading entrepreneurs in various areas of expertise.

The course will include 580 hours of lessons and, upon completion, a three-month internship in a company, agency or institution of the food and design sector. Excursions will be made to companies in the food sector, a food market, restaurants, and important food fairs and events.

PepsiCo will also play an active role in the master’s course, entrusting students with several briefs aimed at developing innovative projects during workshops. Distinguished students will also have the chance to do an internship at PepsiCo or with design and communication companies that collaborate with PepsiCo. This research activity will be supervised by PepsiCo Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini, his staff and PepsiCo Italy.

“The Master in Food Design”, concludes Antonello Fusetti, director of Scuola Politecnica di Design, “will bring new methodologies to the world of food management and marketing helping it to reinvent itself in a more current and contemporary way, thanks to its interaction with design culture. It will provide the design world with new opportunities to experiment and work in the food sector – an area that still offers many aspects for designers to explore.”

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